Baby, Baby ( Winnipeg Twin Photographer )

November 24, 2009 | Filed under Uncategorized

These little guys are 7 days old and they slept the entire session!





How proud is big brother???


6 Responses to “Baby, Baby ( Winnipeg Twin Photographer )”

  1. Tara   –  

    Beautiful Karen! How lucky to have them sleep the way they did! Love the last picture!

  2. Cheryl   –  

    Karen, these are simly amazing….makes me teary..
    You have such a talent, thank you for your patience…..
    PS: they slept all afternoon and were up till 11pm! Ha~!

  3. Meghan Poort   –  

    Love the last shot!!! SOOO perfect!

  4. Leah   –  

    Karen, beautiful pictures! I love the black and white of them snuggling!

  5. Ma Rudd   –  

    I can’t wait to meet them! Cole looks so happy and proud!

  6. Lana B   –  

    Perfect shot of the 3 of them. I can see a whole lot of mischeif in their future 😉

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