Twice as Nice!

January 19, 2009 | Filed under Uncategorized

While at my workshop yesterday, I was contacted by the Mom of these two beautiful twin babies. J & A are 12 days old and I am giving them my " Best Babies Ever" award. Three hours and I did not see their eyes open ONCE! Twins are quite tricky as usually one or the other is awake! This session was 85% natural light, which is not my usual preference. I couldn't resist the soft winter light in my window today for some reason! I am having a VERY difficult time narrowing down my faves for this sneak peek!

2 Responses to “Twice as Nice!”

  1. Tracy Thompson   –  

    Beautiful work. The lighting is superb! Studio or natural?

  2. Karen Hunter   –  

    First one is studio, the rest are natural light Tracy!

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