Day 2!!!

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I enjoyed each one of these little people on the second day of the Mathilda Jane Marathon!

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  1. Krystin Green   –  

    Great pictures Karen!! Too cute!

  2. Mildred (Sophie's Grandma)   –  

    Fantastic pictures capturing Sophie’s sweet and happy personality!! sent by randi

  3. Cathleen Finn   –  

    Amanda Lasarski sent me. Love the photo of Elisha and Noah!!

  4. Katie   –  

    Amanda Lazarski sent me

    Love the pictures! you do beautiful work!

  5. Rebecca   –  

    Noah and Elisha are too darn cute~ Sent by Amanda:)

  6. Rebecca K   –  

    Amanda Lazarski sent me here to check out her two angels!! Fantastic pictures, I absolutely LOVE the props. Love your work its just stunning!!!

  7. Kristel   –  

    Love the first picture! Amanda sent me!

  8. Dayna O'Leary   –  

    AMAZING pictures! Amanda sent me :)

  9. Chantelle   –  

    They are all such beautiful pictures but I am particulary fond of the first one… Noah and Elisha! PS Amanda sent me! :)

  10. Auntie Jen   –  

    I love my precious niece and nephew! Amanda sent me :)

  11. Sunny S-H   –  

    I love the pic of Amanda’s kids, she sent me.

  12. Sara Shaw   –  

    Love your photos,Amanda LAzarski sent me

  13. Beth Linehan   –  

    Elisha and Noah are just gorgeous! Amanda Lazarski sent me :)

  14. Amanda Lazarski   –  

    Love it so much Karen! My little Lisha and Noah were captured perfectly!

  15. Meghan   –  

    I am here to check out the Lazarski kids! Great shots. Sent by Amanda!

  16. Karissa Blaker   –  

    I Love your photos! LOVE the siblings Elisha & Noah! Shows Beautiful sibling love <3! Amanda sent me πŸ˜€

  17. Amanda Lazarski   –  

    Hey A couple friends of mine( Karissa and Leanne say it wont load their comment?

  18. Mandy Taylor   –  

    I’m definalty saying Lisha and Noah look amazingly stunning! Amanda Lazarski sent me!

  19. Angela Blakely   –  

    Amanda Lazarski sent me. I love the photo of her little ones. Big smiles, and cutest kids I have seen in a while.

  20. Tracy Driscoll   –  

    Amanda Lazarski sent me. Beautiful photo of Elisha and Noah!!

  21. Jenna   –  

    Lisha and Noah are just adorable!! Amanda Lazarski sent me :)

  22. Vicky McPhail   –  

    Amanda Lazarski sent me to have a look at your amazing skills of capturing her darling children! Beautiful!

  23. Alyson   –  

    Amanda Sent Me :-) Nice work

  24. Andrea Perry   –  

    BEAUTIFUL photo of Elisha and Noah!!! ps.Amanda sent me πŸ˜‰

  25. Joanne Barss   –  

    Amanda Lazarski sent me. LOVE the picture of Elisha and Noah!!

  26. Carmen   –  

    Amanda Lazarski sent me… and that’s a wonderful picture of her two tots!

  27. Angel Laming   –  

    I checked out Noah and Elisha’s photo and was sent by Amanda Lazarski!

  28. Karissa Blaker   –  

    I Love your photos! LOVE the siblings Elisha & Noah! Shows Beautiful sibling love <3! Amanda sent me

  29. Sarah Durant   –  

    Love the pictures!!! Love Elisha & Noah’s Pic!! Sent by Amanda Lazarski.

  30. Randi   –  

    Thanks for capturing Soph’s cute little smiles you are the best!!! sent by me lol

  31. Stacey Knight   –  

    Sophie is such a gem! Randi sent me! :)

  32. Stacey   –  

    Your pictures are remarkable, you catch such character!! Sophie is such a cutie – Randi sent me!!

  33. Derek   –  

    Randi sent me

  34. crystal   –  

    Randi person sent me;)

  35. Danelle   –  

    Lovely photo of Sophie, sent by Randi

  36. cindy f   –  

    great pictures!! Randi sent me

  37. cindy   –  

    love the photo of Sophie randi sent me πŸ˜‰

  38. Sarah   –  

    Sofie is adorable! Randi sent me.

  39. Nyree Menzies   –  

    Great pic, Randi sent me.

  40. Carleigh   –  

    Love your work Karen – Amanda sent me.

  41. Cindy V   –  

    tooo cute!! Sent by randi

  42. Leslie Snowdon   –  

    All your pictures are wonderful Karen, Sophie looks beautiful. (Randi sent me)

  43. Amylee Harris   –  

    great pics of Elisha and Noah!!! AMANDA LASARSKI SENT ME!!!

  44. Joshua Finn   –  

    Amanda sent me, Love the photo of Elisha and Noah. Great Work.

  45. Carrie Schimnowski   –  

    Sophie looks beautiful. My little niece is growing up too quickly!!

  46. Carrie Schimnowski   –  

    Sophie is adorable. Randi sent me!

  47. Sarah Terwilligar   –  

    Great photo of Elisha and Noah! I love the setting! – Sent by Amanda Lazarski

  48. Angie Lafantaisie   –  

    Kristi sent me!

    Cutie Patuties!!!

    Good Luck Kristi!!

  49. Kristi   –  

    Love the pictures Karen, as always!

  50. Aunti Barb Normand   –  

    Great photos of Lilianna and Matteo. Kristi sent me!

  51. Pam   –  

    Elisha and Noah are sooooo adorable :) What an amazing picture! Amanda sent me.

  52. Jennifer McRae-King   –  

    Lilli and Matteo – so cute as usual! Karen – it is so much fun to see all the little beauties I know on your blog! Love, Jen

  53. B. Watson   –  

    Great pics. Kristi sent me…

  54. Jaclyn   –  

    I love the pictures of Lili and Matteo!!! (Kristi sent me) I MUST book a session….I love your work!

  55. driddell   –  

    Aunty Donna Mae-Wow! Super pictures of Lilianna and Matteo. Kristi sent me!

  56. Laurie   –  

    Great pictures! Too cute. Kristi sent me

  57. Maria   –  

    Adorable, beautiful pictures of Lili & Matteo. I enjoy viewing your website children Karen, Great Work! Kristi sent me :)

  58. Ryan   –  

    Kristi sent me… great pictures as always!

  59. Jenny   –  

    Love the pictures of Lili and Matteo! Too cute! Kristi sent me

  60. Tracy Bellyou   –  

    I vote for Lilianna and Matteo..for the canvas draw

    Tracy Bellyou
    (Kristi Aiello sent me)

  61. Kristi Aiello   –  

    that’s my little Lili!

  62. Crystal   –  

    Love the one of Elisha and Noah! Amanda sent me! Wonderful pictures!

  63. Charmaine Toews   –  

    Love the photos and the outfits. Amanda sent me. :)

  64. Aimee Cole   –  

    Amanda Lazarski sent me :)

  65. Melissa   –  

    Gorgeous pic of Elisha & Noah!! Amanda sent me :)

  66. Jes H   –  

    Great pictures and outfits!!!
    Amanda Lazarski sent me :)

  67. Kristy W   –  

    Sent by Amanda Lazarski

    Lish and Noah look adorable! Great photo!

  68. Loretta MacNair   –  

    Amanda Lazarski sent me. Her babes (the first pic) are just gorgeous and I love the retro props and backgrounds!

  69. Rebecca   –  

    Amanda Lazarski sent me. Good luck Amanda!

  70. Heather   –  

    Amanda L. sent me! Love the pic of Noah & Elisha!!!

  71. Ali   –  

    Beautiful pictures! Kristi sent me!

  72. I just love this picture of Elisha & Noah that Amanda sent me.

    It captures a bond between a brother & sister.

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