Rilla ( Winnipeg Newborn Photographer )

February 11, 2011 | Filed under Uncategorized

Oh my goodness. All these new babies are being so good to me this week! Meet baby Rilla, 12 days old. She let me try out at least 7 different set ups today while mother nature provided me with some more soft snowy light!

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  1. Tracey   –  

    Those are amazing photos!! I’m not just saying that because the beautiful subject is my brother’s baby either. Just lovely, the lighting and settings, it’s like you captured a little fairy child napping.

  2. Mary (Grammie)   –  

    Beautiful Little subject and the photography i s awesome

  3. Shawna   –  

    Holly & Jay,
    These picture’s of RiIlla are breathtaking! What a beautiful angel you have! Lots of love from Layla and I.

  4. Lindsay   –  

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! She is so photogenic and perfect.They look like pictures you would see in a magazine.

  5. Andrea, Margo, Lexy!   –  

    GORGEOUS!!! JUST GORGEOUS!! She is a little bundle isn’t she?

  6. Rachel B   –  

    These pictures are so perfect… The first one with the light pink is my favorite :)

  7. megan   –  

    holly and jay..AMAZING!! so cute and peacefull… walker is in love already :-) xo

  8. Amber C   –  

    Amazingly cute baby and awesome pics as usual!!

  9. Mary (Grammie)   –  

    My favorite is the one in the brown hat it isan unusual colour in a baby photo and makes her look like a little forest pixie

  10. Lori Langille   –  

    OMG these are S W E E T!!!!! Very unique!!!

  11. alicia   –  

    Oh my gosh, what a little angel, she takes after her mother, she is so beautiful!!! Congrats Holly and Jay!

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