Rock Star ( Winnipeg Newborn Photographer )

July 31, 2010 | Filed under Newborn

Wonderful, wonderful session with this sleepy little guy and his parents today. Perfection! Congrats you guys! Oh and starting today, if you can get friends and family leave a minimum of 25 comments by clicking “Comment” below, you will receive an additional gift with your order!

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  1. Mel   –  

    Wow – I love how he’s folded up in a little bundle. Super cute like his maman. xoxo

  2. Jenny Courville   –  

    These pictures are fabulous!! He is such a handsome little man…and that hair!! Congrats to you all!!

  3. Nat   –  

    LOVE these pics …. I miss the little guy already… truly adorable !! Ces photos sont parfaites! Comme lui! :)

  4. Lindsey   –  

    Absolutely beautiful! Wow. I love all the pictures. He is so cute in the first one. Looks like a butterfly. Congratulations!

  5. Mika B Foreman   –  

    Coco and Glenn, WOW-WEE such a lil angel! These pictures are absolutely perfect! He is such a blessing! What a JOY to have in your arms. TO the photographer… great great job! He’s soooo perfect :)

  6. Trina   –  

    Beautiful family! I especially love the first pic, he is absolutely adorable. Can’t wait to meet him :)

  7. Janice Toups   –  

    Great pics!!! Love the family one. Congrats and many happy years to come with your sweet little Noah..

  8. Debra Trahan   –  

    Wow!!!! Great photos. I am not surprised because he was absolutely wonderful during the time that I spent with this beautiful family. Thanks for everything. Karen your photos are the best.

  9. Colette   –  

    Quelle belle petite famille….quelle joie…..les photos sont superbes….bravo Karen….tu as bien capté la belle amour , joie et énergie de Cosette et Glenn avec leur cadeau du ciel Noah !!!

  10. Dan Perreaux   –  

    Awesome…congrats you two!

  11. Nicole   –  

    Noah, tu es BEAU !!! Tu ressembles tellement à ta maman (elle, un bon mélange de Grand-Maman et Grand-Papa), avec les yeux de ton papa, je pense… Karen’s work is out of this world. MERCI!!!!

  12. Pat & Gabriel   –  

    Félicitations! Quelle beau petit bonhomme….et les photos sont incroyables! Garanti qu’il y a du “DORGE” là-d’ans!!!

  13. Cousine Ginette   –  

    Ces photos sont superbes…petit Noah est tellement mignon…Félicitations Cosette et Glen…Beau travail!

  14. Jacques   –  

    Despite and beyond my family ties and hence a slight bias, these rank among the most beautiful pictures I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying!

    opa Jacques

  15. Paul Bilodeau   –  

    Bravo to you two & now three—beautiful work!—wonderful idea to have such fine photo compositions to highlight this great event in your life. Felicitations & now you can expect a million surprises as life takes its course. Le petit ne sait pas l’amour qui l’attend! —Paul Bilodeau

  16. Cos   –  

    I think you Karen are the REAL rock star!!! Thank you for your professionalism and for sharing your talent. You bring so much joy to so many people!

  17. Candace   –  

    Incroyable these pics. Amazing lighting and positioning.
    Félicitations les nouveaux parents!

  18. Candace   –  


  19. Charles   –  

    Wow! How do you choose from so many beautiful photos! Congratulations!

  20. Danys Dorge   –  

    The pictures are amazing! I love the the accessories like his little tuque and the moose antler (found in other picture). Cosette and Glenn look like they are floating on a cloud filled with comfort and joy :) Little baby Noah looks so cute and calm. Congratulations. It’s a healthy baby boy.

  21. Kimberly Lowe   –  

    Awesome pictures. Super cute. Adorable. Congratulations!

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