Happy Due Date Baby D ( Winnipeg Newborn Photographer )

February 19, 2010 | Filed under Newborn

My little nephew is 2.5 months old, but his due date is today! Only fitting that we finally did his newborn session don’t you think? Wish I could take credit for the cute antique bike shot, but it was a client ( Caterina )who thought it up and told me where to find one! This session was a natural light session, preemies have sensitive eyes, so no flash today!!

8 Responses to “Happy Due Date Baby D ( Winnipeg Newborn Photographer )”

  1. Mandi Nikole   –  

    These are precious. Great images.

  2. Jodine   –  

    He is a miracle, what a little angel.

  3. this n that   –  

    Gorgeous Karen! Love them all, and especially the last one.

  4. MoDLin   –  

    I adore these photos! We spend a lot of time focusing on preemies and this little fella is one of the cutest babes I have seen in a while. Glad to see he is doing well.

  5. Lee-Ann   –  

    love his smooooooooshie little lips in the last one!!!

  6. Heidi   –  

    He’s beautiful, Karen- congratulations to your family!

  7. Kelly   –  

    Wow! Gorgeous photos!

  8. Kristel   –  

    Aww, he’s so sweet and you captured some fantastic images!

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