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Newborn Photographers in Winnipeg

July 9, 2015 | Filed under Newborn

Absolutely loved this little guy and his blue and grey colour scheme!



I feel like the luckiest newborn photographer in Winnipeg to have all these beautiful babies in my studio this month! Sweet Baby A in creams & pinky peach:

IMG_8938 IMG_8957bIMG_9002


I love photographing newborn twin girls! So much fun to accessorize! Love the colour scheme Mom picked!

IMG_8634IMG_8787 IMG_8652IMG_8829 IMG_8673 IMG_8826


So many adorable newborn babies have been thru the studio this spring/early summer in Winnipeg!

IMG_8467 IMG_8515 IMG_8521IMG_8573 IMG_8523



She’s just as lovely as her gorgeous parents, meet Baby P on day 8:

IMG_8287 IMG_8370 IMG_8407


Loving all these gorgeous newborn girls I’m seeing! Seems to be forever since I had any newborn boys!

IMG_7605 IMG_7525 IMG_7648


Hopelessly behind in blogging! Here is a catch-up post to cover the last 6 weeks!

IMG_5891 IMG_5898 IMG_5949 IMG_6077IMG_6021IMG_6132 IMG_6328 IMG_6363 IMG_6417 IMG_6489b IMG_6601 IMG_6624 IMG_6709 IMG_6827IMG_6815a IMG_6906 IMG_7141bw IMG_7218 IMG_7340IMG_7185



My daughter asked me to do a special session for her and the 3 friends she is the closest with for the past 7 years! The evening preceding their last day of grade 6, we went out and had a blast making these images!

IMG_7900 IMG_7915 IMG_7923 IMG_7961 IMG_8019a IMG_8063 IMG_8097bw IMG_8102a


So nice to have some older subjects to photograph now and then also!

IMG_7471 IMG_7473 IMG_7490



Cake Smashers!

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So much fun prepping the sets for a cake smash, altho I have to say, 9 out of 10 babies seem to HATE their cakesmash session!

IMG_5756 IMG_7711