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These two week old twins were soooo awake and soooo alert, I was beginning to think I might not get any sleeping shots of them. They surprised us by falling into a deep, posable sleep after all resulting in some new all time favourite images!

And we also did big brothers 3 yr photos, along with family shots and headshots for Dad’s website! Busy day!


This radiant Mom-to-be has 3 sweet girls under 4…I can’t wait to find out if this baby is a boy or a girl!

I love this shot, littlest sister will not be the littlest for much longer…


Just over 3 weeks old, J did a great job of posing for me!  We got some beautiful sleepy shots, as well as some wide-awake direct eye contact!  Hope you love these K & S!


Ten day old baby boy, full of smiles for his session today!

Look at him laughing in this one:


Little Poser & His Blue Eyed Sister

October 3, 2010 | Filed under Children

I cannot believe how big H has gotten! I have been photographing him and watching him grow over the past few years and he is just one of the most co-operative little people I have met!  And he was so patient as we drove all around town looking for ANY bush/tree that had leaves left!

Little sister is coming back later this week for her turn, she was not feeling well and didn’t have much energy for being photographed. That being said, she did do a few poses with her big brother, and I think this one is just the sweetest thing. Look how she’s leaning over on him! So cute!


Mr Serious …

October 2, 2010 | Filed under Baby

…is SERIOUSLY cute! With these big blue eyes, chubby cheeks and sly grins, how could I go wrong?