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July 30, 2007 | Filed under Uncategorized

Adorable baby Evan was an absolute dream to photograph!  Just under 2 weeks of age, he was content when awake and nice and squishy once he fell asleep. I had a wonderful time with him and his loving parents today. Too bad I have to go camping for two days, I am dying to get to the rest of his session!




One is Fun!

July 24, 2007 | Filed under Uncategorized

Lucky me! I had a delightful day  with two special little ladies who have just turned one in the last few days! Addison came to see me the first time when she was just 6 months old. She has grown into such a little beauty!



Next I met sweet Mikenna ( whose birthday was actually today ) and her beautiful parents. What a photogenic bunch!





July 23, 2007 | Filed under Uncategorized

I had the pleasure of meeting a 4 month old sweetie this morning!  What a strong girl Grace is, already rolling, sitting and holding her toes!  Love these big brown eyes!




Baby Ethan

July 11, 2007 | Filed under Uncategorized

Whew! What a week so far, and it’s only half over! In the past 5 days, I have done one wedding and 6 sessions. Today I had the pleasure of photographing the most adorable little boy.  Just under two weeks of age, Mr Ethan was a dream come true!  He was nice and sleepy and quite co-operative! He let me do everything I wanted and hardly put up a fuss at all! Not to mention, he was FULL of smiles!





Big Sister

July 6, 2007 | Filed under Uncategorized

Look who is a big sister!  Meet Miss R, a two year old sweetie who is very excited to have a new baby brother!  She sure was a great little model for me at her brother’s newborn session. And Little T was 100% adorable boy!




Tiny and New

July 3, 2007 | Filed under Uncategorized

How sweet is this little newborn?  C was not in the mood for having her picture taken today but boy is she a photogenic little girl! :) 





What’s New?

July 2, 2007 | Filed under Uncategorized

Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t posted much lately and the answer is: my REAL job.  The end of June and the entire month of July are very busy times in the airline industry and unfortunately my flying schedule is reflecting that right now. I most likely won’t be sharing any new sessions until the second week of July, since I am in the middle of a 9 day stretch of flying right now!  I am expecting a bunch of new things, however, in the month of July , including new backdrops and wardrobe pieces. So stay tuned!

And for an overview of what has been keeping me busy, I recently  photographed the  local preschool graduation as well as two little subjects who are dear to me: