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Terrific and TWO!!!

June 21, 2007 | Filed under Uncategorized

What a delightful little model I had in Miss Aubrie today!  I am never sure how a session with a two year old will go but she was an absolute perfect angel!  I just loved her big blue eyes!





Spotlight on my BabyCakes

June 20, 2007 | Filed under Uncategorized

Isn’t she a sweetie?  But actually, the BabyCakes in question is the backdrop.  It is a handpainted one I had made by a talented artist in the Deep American South.  It is without a doubt, my personal favourite when it comes to backdrops. Depending on how it’s lit, it can be very versatile. It looks best when clothing is kept simple. Ideally, for girls, a white or light pink dress works well. For boys, denim overalls or just plain jeans with a white shirt is perfect! The beauty of this backdrop is its suitability for colour, or black and white as well!







I have been finding lately that one year olds seem not to be big fans of my studio strobe flashes. Six of the last seven one year olds to come see me have not enjoyed themselves.  So…what to do?  Well with this little guy, we just went over to his house, gave him his favourite toys, and he was his regular happy self!






Two fun!

June 13, 2007 | Filed under Uncategorized

In spite of the less than beautiful weather today, four year old Sydney and her little brother Reid were perfect subjects!  I had a great time with these two, definitely the highlight of my crazy day!  Thanks for your help looking for my lost keys you guys! 







June 12, 2007 | Filed under Uncategorized

Back to work at Air Canada for me in just one more day!  The past three weeks have gone by so quickly! It’s always tricky juggling flying, photography and family life!

The unpredictable weather has made scheduling outdoor sessions a bit tricky this month but I am hoping Mother Nature will start co-operating again soon!

I recently updated my website at to include new galleries as well as a calendar on which you can see my availability and book your session.  Some of the the stars of my homepage can be seen below!



Introducing Donovan

June 4, 2007 | Filed under Uncategorized

What a pleasure to meet this little guy today!  He was such a good natured little boy! Although he didn’t get into the deep sleep it usually requires to get the type of shots I do, he was very co-operative and did great at pretending to sleep!  A 10lb 8 oz boy at birth, he was deliciously chubby with cheeks to die for!